Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm back! And I bring Holiday news!

Hello all.  I didn't mean to be away so long, but I had a trial this week that ended last night.  And my paralegal was on vacation so I was doing her job as well as mine!  Needless to say, I'm a bit exhausted...

But!  I just got word from Stampin' Up! that they have released Holiday Single Stamps!

Hopefully if you click on the link, you'll see the flyer!  If it doesn't work, please let me know.  Still really new at this technology thing!

I have lots more to share with you, so I'll be posting more in the next few days.  I've heard from some of you that you have subscribed to get my blog posts.  Please, please feel free to comment on them.  Let me know what type of classes you'd like or what techniques you want to learn.  I love getting your input!  Okay, back to work I go....enjoy your day!

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